"Ensemble playing with a vengeance" – The Irish Times


Gráda began playing together in 2001, growing out of the Dublin music scene. Later, the group migrated to the West coast of Ireland, then further afield.


The band has recorded 5 studio albums, the first, called Off to Sardinia (now out of print), was made in Frankie Lane's back room in 2001. This was followed by Endeavour in 2002, The Landing Step in 2004, Cloudy Day Navigation in 2007 and Natural Angle in 2010.


In 2011, Gráda disbanded to work on individual projects. Gerry Paul has since released an album of children's songs (combined with a book), while also continuing to tour and work as a session musician and producer; Andrew Laking has released a solo album and a book; Alan Doherty released an album under the moniker 'Aldoc'. Stephen Doherty and David Doocey have both released solo albums of traditional music.


The group's members regularly perform together as part of smaller ensembles, although no longer as Gráda.

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